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The solution

We each operate under our own brand name and have a great deal of knowledge and experience. Each of us offers specific added value for our customers. We use advanced prefabricated construction methods in concrete, wood and steel for new building projects. Maintenance, renovation and alterations of existing commercial real estate are also part of the product range of our brands.


Remco Ruimtebouw

At Remco Ruimtebouw we specialise in conceptual steel construction. We have been building all over the world for more than 45 years. Our customers choose us for “one stop shopping”. We arrange everything for them, from design to turnkey delivery.


Woody Building Concepts

At Woody Building Concepts we work with a unique wood construction concept. We realise sustainable wooden business premises in loft style with an atmospheric and natural look. We do this turn-key, relieving our clients of their worries from the very first design.

Logo Pvvt


At Pvvt we surprise our clients with a special finishing, unique interior or facade solution. We do this with craftsmanship and creativity. We provide solicited and unsolicited advice and take care of the entire process from engineering to realization.


About JAJO

JAJO is one of the nation’s top construction companies. The group creates innovative solutions for a growing demand for flexible, affordable and sustainable housing, business premises, social real estate, infrastructure, schools, hospitals, sea and airports, etc. JAJO develops, builds, renovates, restores and carries out maintenance for companies, private individuals and governments at home and abroad. The approach guarantees high-quality products and services that are delivered within a short period of time and without any worries for the client.