Malting plant Boortmalt Ethiopia

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Project specifications

Building type Production space, Storage space

Location Debre Birhan

Surface 3.826 m²

Status Completed

New construction of a malting plant

Remco International built the first malt house in Africa for Boortmalt, a Belgian company with malt houses all over the world. The malting plant is established in Debre Birhan, about 100 km from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where we have realised several projects in the past.

Project size

The project comprises five different buildings with a total floor area of 3,826 m². In addition to engineering, we also took care of delivery, transport and assembly.

  • Malt Tower 822 m² floor space, height 32 meters
  • Steeping House 1,022 m² floor area, height 20 meters
  • Seed storage 563 m² linked by a canopy of 180 m² with Malt bagging building
  • Malt bagging 563 m²
  • Utility building 676 m²

Planning and assembly

The construction started January 2020. For the assembly, we worked with a local contractor led by one of our Dutch supervisors. Our international projects are always built with local workers. This provides a source of income for local stakeholders and they gain a lot of experience during assembly, which they can use during their further careers.The project was completed in August 2020.

About Boortmalt

Boortmalt is the largest malt producer in Europe and the largest commercial maltster worldwide. Boortmalt serves its customers worldwide from 27 locations across 5 continents. Read more:


Erik van den HurkExport Manager

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CEO | Project & Interim Manager Gerrit Klein talks about working with Remco International on the Boortmalt project in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia. “At the time we were looking for a company that could take care of the steel construction. The engineering firm involved in the project pointed us towards Remco International. They were involved in the engineering process, which involved various parties. Tha...

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Gerrit KleinCEO | Project & Interim Manager