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CEO | Project & Interim Manager Gerrit Klein talks about working with Remco International on the Boortmalt project in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia. “At the time we were looking for a company that could take care of the steel construction. The engineering firm involved in the project pointed us towards Remco International.
They were involved in the engineering process, which involved various parties. That was not always easy. For example, we had to deal with differences in the designs, but the people at Remco International dealt with this very constructively. For the assembly we worked together with Lelacon, their local partner. That also went well, the planning was met and if not, it was beyond their control.
In my opinion, the strength of the company lies in the fact that they take care of the design, transport and management as well as the construction supervision. They outsource the assembly locally, which makes them a flexible party that delivers a good price/performance ratio.”

Gerrit KleinCEO | Project & Interim Manager