Sustainable and environmentally conscious

Our company buildings are realised in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. After all, steel is a sustainable material par excellence.

  • Building with steel is building low on materials. We use no more material than necessary for each component.
  • Steel is 100% recyclable. In fact, more than 80% of all beam steel is currently made from recycled materials. Recycling steel saves a lot of energy. And the best part? There is no loss of quality. Steel retains its properties and remains suitable for high-quality applications.
  • A steel building will last a long time. And after that? Then the construction goes out just as easily as it did in each other. The original parts can often be reused for a new building project after some processing.
  • In this way, Remco Ruimtebouw’s buildings will not be a burden on later generations.


Building is people’s work. The health of our employees is therefore paramount at Remco Ruimtebouw. That is why we organise the vitality programme “Moving Together”, among other things. The aim of this programme is to improve your health together with colleagues and also to raise money for a good cause.