Renovation brewery Kinshasa DRC

Dak line 5 Kinshasa DRC
Kinshasa Congo gereedschapscontainers
Kinshasa Congo gereedschapscontainers

Project specifications

Building type Production space

Location Kinshasa, DRC

Status Completed

Roof replacement

At a large brewery in Kinshasa DRC, we have carried out several works over the years. In the period 2013 – 2018, our supervisors flew almost every year to Kinshasa DRC to carry out various works together with a team of local construction workers.

Local cooperation

At the beginning of 2021, two more supervisors will visit the brewery again. For a period of two weeks they will replace one of the roofs together with a local construction team. The roof has a surface area of 2,925 m². The old roof will be dismantled and replaced by new roof panels.

Working safely

Before we start replacing the roof, extensive attention is paid to safety. For example, safety precautions are put in place and the local team members are briefed with safety instructions.

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